Stolen Belonging

A project of Leslie Dreyer & the Coalition on Homelessness

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raised towards $10,000 goal



We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

A project of Leslie Dreyer & the Coalition on Homelessness

Donation Request for Stolen Belonging Project!

The Stolen Belonging project needs $10,000 to purchase survival gear for residents who've lost everything in the sweeps and to produce postcards, prints and videos highlighting impacted residents' stories that we've gathered over the last six months in order to highlight and halt this inhumane practice. Coalition on Homelessness is a 501c3 organization. Your donations are tax deductible. We are thankful the SF Arts Commission funded the first phase of the project, and hope to find a bit more support to keep it going past this grant cycle (ending this June). This request is for NEW or ADDITIONAL funding, please don’t replace your current donations made to sustain COH's daily operations and organizing funds.

Check out our videos and more info about the project here:

Budget Details

$5,000 for:

Project postcards, prints and videos production cost
(over 5 months period July - November, 2019)

Labor/hours for Production Team
(all at COH, including contractors make same hourly wage ~$19/hr)

$4,400 for:

Survival gear/supplies
(Quantities for 40 individuals; 40 tents were already donated)

Large plastic bins: $1350
Sleeping bags: $1600
Tarps: $320
Headlamps: $170
AAA batteries: $55
Baby Wipes, 2 packs per person: $240
Toothbrushes: $55
Toothpaste: $70
Fingernail Clippers: $50
Tampons: $70
Bandaids: $66
Antibiotic Ointment: $50
Bulk Snack Bar boxes: $150

$600 for:

Shipping and taxes
(for survival gear, supplies, and printing)

Stolen Belonging is a multifaceted arts organizing project in collaboration with Coalition on Homelessness, which documents the belongings taken from homeless residents during the City’s sweeps, revealing the ways in which such thefts steal a person’s ability to belong in their community and the city. Using narrative-based strategy, art, and action, the project amplifies the call to STOP THE SWEEPS, asserting a RIGHT TO REST, and demanding HOUSING and SERVICES NOW.

Artist/Organizer Leslie Dreyer has been working with COH and a team of houseless or precariously housed residents who represent some of our city’s strongest homeless advocates: Couper Orona, TJ Johnston, Sophia Thibodeaux, Meghan Johnson, Patricia Alonzo and Charles Davis. Together, they collected oral history video interviews, photographs and insights from residents impacted by the sweeps throughout San Francisco. The Department of Public Works and San Francisco Police Department have been trashing people’s only shelter and cherished belongings in violation of human and constitutional rights, often also in violation of SF’s own city policies. Our growing story-based archive documents the loss of items necessary for survival, alongside beloved personal items which can never be replaced.