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The Coalition on Homelessness has been leading a movement for over thirty years. Individual donations keep us fighting for a city that every San Franciscan can call home.

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  • Last year we celebrated 30 years since a small team of homeless folks, scruffy activists, and people working in shelters banded together to form the Coalition on Homelessness.
  • We hold true to our vision of a city where housing is a human right, where homelessness is only ever temporary and dignified, and where those forced to remain on the streets are treated with compassion and respect.
  • This past year, we are incredibly proud to have initiated and passed Prop. C ("Our City, Our Home") which will transform the lives of thousands of San Francisco's poorest residents.

Your Donation Counts:

Thanks primarily to small donors like yourself, the Coalition on Homelessness continues to unite people experiencing homelessness, front-line service providers, and compassionate San Franciscans, as we protect our most marginalized neighbors and work to end homelessness in our city.

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