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Coalition on Homelessness

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Coalition on Homelessness

Since 1987 we have organized alongside homeless people and front line service providers to create permanent solutions to homelessness.

In 2020 we will continue to build power and fight back:

  • We will fight to make sure that Our City Our Home funds finally make it to folks transitioning off the streets;
  • We will fight so that our vehicularly housed neighbors have the political power to resist displacement;
  • We will fight so that those with mental illnesses are able to get the care they need;
  • We will fight to stop the callous sweeps that push people from street corner to street corner;
  • We will fight for subsidies to get folks into permanent housing.

Please enjoy our latest annual report and take pride in being a core part of all we are getting done together:

This report includes a centerpiece celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the Street Sheet, our homeless-led media project which sustains hundreds of vendors selling Street Sheet on the streets of San Francisco.

We will keep fighting tirelessly to solve the crisis, but we cannot do it alone:

We need your support to put ourselves out of a job and end homelessness once and for all.